Top 3 Best L8star Fitness Tracker Review In 2021


People won’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a good tracker, and the L8star Fitness tracker is a perfect example of it. These watches come with a lot of features at an affordable price like daily activity track, large display, water-resistant protection, set daily alarms, etc.

The L8star is the one for you if you want a watch that looks nice on your wrist with a few fitness features thrown in for good measure.

If you won’t have a good smartwatch, then you won’t understand the benefits of a tracker. Because a tracker motivates users to do exercises, get full knowledge of the body, set activity goals.

Benefits of having an L8star fitness tracker:

  1. Motivate people to do exercises.
  2. User will get full knowledge of their body.
  3. Large display.
  4. These trackers come with water-resistant protection.
  5. L8star watches are compatible with the smartphone.
  6. You can set fitness goals.
  7. Affordable for everyone.
L8star B1
L8star R7

L8star R8C


Top 3 L8star Fitness Tracker Review:

1. L8star B1:

First and foremost, if you are looking for a smartwatch that comes with basic fitness features and stylish, comfortable to wear then, this one for you.

This tracker comes with a 1.3-inch large display with 240*240 resolution. The display is visible under bright sunlight and easy to use. Also, the watch won’t have corning gorilla glass protection but, it won’t damage by minor scratch and dust.

It has an in-built advanced 3D sensor and pedometer to automatically tracks all-day activities like a footstep, calories burned, speed, distance, playing times, active minutes, etc.

Also, the watch has an in-built EM7028 heart rate sensor and sleep tracker sensor. So, it monitors 24/7 heart-rate (user will get heart rate data within 30 sec) and sleeps. This gadget not only tracks sleep but also gives a score based on sleep time like deep/light sleep.

If you want to get fitness/health data, then download the “FlagFit 2.0” mobile application. Also, its health data is accurate and reliable because it has so many in-built fitness track sensors.

L8star B1 smartwatch has a 260mah Li-polymer Seiko battery and rechargeable with 2-pin charging cable, which takes 2 hours to charge fully. Its battery lasts for 5-days in working mode and 2-weeks in standby mode.

This gadget won’t damage by sweat, rain, poolside splashes because the watch comes with Ip68 waterproof protection. Also, you can use it while swimming and showering.

This gadget support both Android 4.4 or IOS 8.0 and above smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection. So, the user will receive all the phone notifications and control the phone camera.

  • Affordable for everyone.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • The user will receive all the phone notifications.
  • No in-built GPS.

2. L8star R7:

This smart tracker monitors advanced health activities like heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, oxygen level. Users can manually set real-time heart-rate tracking through the “FlagFit 2.0” mobile application.

In some cases, the watch PPG Optical Dynamic Heart Rate feature automatically monitors heart rate in less than 30 sec. A good heart helps people to achieve the desired fitness level.

In today’s busy world, people won’t get enough rest, which makes them physically weak. So, to solve this problem the watch comes with the sleep monitor feature, which tracks sleep and gives a score like deep sleep, light sleep.

Like L8star B1, it comes with an in-built advanced 3D sensor and pedometer. So, the smartwatch automatically tracks all-day activities these calories burned, step count, speed, and 6sport modes.

Also, the user will get all the health data. But these data not for the medical test, only for daily use.

It has an 80mah cobalt polymer battery, which rechargeable with an in-built micro USB cable and takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully. The battery lasts for 2 to 3 days.

The watch body is made of PC+ metal and, the band is made of TPU materials. So, this fitness tracker is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

L8star R7 has IP67 water-resistant protection so the users can use it while swimming and showering. Also, it won’t damage by rain, dust, cold, poolside splashes, etc.

If you connect a smartphone with the fitness tracker, then you will receive all the phone notifications like a phone call, SMS, email, and third-party applications.

  • Value for money tracker.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with a smartphone.
  • Health data not for the medical checkups.

3. L8star Fitness Tracker R8C:

This fitness tracker comes with a 0.96 inch OLED display. The display is easy to use and visible under bright sunlight. It is a very lightweight tracker so, the watch comfortable to wear.

The smartwatch tracks all-day activities like calories burned, 24/7 heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, oxygen level, walking, active minutes, playing time, and many more.

If you download the “wearfit2.0” mobile application then, you will get health data (not for a medical checkup), your movement route, history of sport dates.

The watch won’t damage by rain, dust, cold, sweat, poolside splashes because it comes with water-resistant protection. The water-resistant feature is a very important feature in a smartwatch.

Its 80 mah polymer lithium battery lasts for 2 to 3 days and, the battery rechargeable with an in-built micro USB cable takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.

This gadget support Android 4.4 and iOS 8.2 or above smartphones through Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection so, the user will receive all the phone notifications like a phone call, message, and other third-party applications.

L8star R8C compatibility phones are Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Apple iPhone 6/6s, Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus, Apple iPhone 5/5S, Apple iPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4s. Partially Compatible with SONY, HTC, Nexus, HTC, LG, Google Pixel, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, OPPO, Samsung Galaxy: S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Samsung Note: 5, 4, 3, 2, as well as various other Android phones, and many more phones.

The tracker comes with so many other useful features like daily alarm, timer, stopwatch, reminder, phone camera control, pedometer, etc.

  • Very good display.
  • Unisex tracker.
  • It has water-resistant protection.
  • No in-built GPS.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I use these watches while raining?

Yes, all the people can use these watches while raining, because they come with water resistant protection. Also, L8star trackers won’t damage by dust, cold, sweat, poolside splashes, swimming, showering, etc.

Q. Is these bands compatible with the smartphone?

Yes, these bands support both android and ios operating system smartphones through Bluetooth wireless connection. So, the user will receive all the phone notifications like a phone call, message, mail, and other third-party applications.

Q. What can I do with L8star Fitness Tracker?

These gadgets are capable of doing so many things like automatically track daily activities, compatible with the smartphone, set daily alarm/timer/stopwatch/reminder, and many more.

Q. Is these bands have in-built GPS?

No, these bands won’t have in-built GPS but, the user will get speed, step count, route data. These data are not accurate and reliable.

Q. Can I use fitness data for a medical checkup?

No, you can not use fitness data for medical checkups, these data only for a daily checkup.


Finally, I think you people have got all the question answers about the L8star fitness tracker. These are very good trackers at a low cost, but you can not compare these products with other high price gadgets like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple.

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